So, it’s easier to say what I liked about this movie rather than what I didn’t like because it is soooo good. It is not what every other half-ass kids’ movie is trying to be…namely, there are no fart jokes and no four letter words.

Something this here website should endeavor to be more like.

I know it goes against every instinct that Hollywood strives for, so I applaud the makers. It took a great deal of gonads to follow this story to fruition. I could almost hear some dumb-ass executive trying to dumb this movie down.
Sorry, you Fucking Fuckwad!!

And I know Ed Asner was trying to exert any of his godforsaken influence throughout the project and was only dismissed because he was a hapless old man actor.

The story follows a boy to the age of 78. Rather quickly, we are brought up to speed on his existence — from first love to the meanderings that accompany most any man through life that happens to fall in love and not have his heart ripped out by some heartless, cheating bitch — until he is staring death in the face.

He meets some (yes, heartfelt) characters including a little boy scout, a bird and a dog.

And, Yes, Old Dan Cedar cried at this movie, you callous, Fucking Fucks!!

It’s the classic story of a quest.

This pursuit is to reincarnate a life-long dream to explore — not only for the old man, but for the memory of his newly deceased wife.

He needs to find a reason for life — now.

Along the way, we find a Howard Hughes-like explorer with a dark side — and some of his funnily voiced canines. A quest is only a quest when it’s kept in perspective, right?

And, of course, Mary Tyler-Moore’s boss finds HIS perspective. Unlike Old Dan Cedar who continues to root around, writing for this minimally redemptive website.

This is just an old man trying to hold on to life — the way it used to be. Where life is lived by earnest and honest children who just want to love and be loved.

I wonder why I liked this movie so much?

And there is more…

There are no politically correct, earth-conscious messages.

No product placement ads.

No free-range chicken underpinnings.

No Bono.

No rap songs.

No pro-sushi references.


Let’s see if they can keep from making another one and fucking this UP!!