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Local Garage Owner in Hot Water Over Billing Discrepancies

By Ian Specter - Posted on 28 November 2011

(San Leon, TX) - Kuntry Kar Kare owner Cletus Mulroney came under fire over the weekend as several irate customers filed complaints at the sheriff's office claiming that they were overcharged on their repair bills by the eighth generation mechanic whose family has become a county fixture since the early 1860's at the intersection of Duke Street and Byrd Avenue.

The first complainant to come forward was in June of 2011. Mr. Rufus “Dizzy” Gillespie of La Marque said that he was overcharged by 10.00 for a routine tire rotation. "You know, I thought something was funny when he (Mulroney) handed me the bill.The total was 29.99 but as I pointed out to him, right there under the 'Spooks Cleared - Inquire Within' sign, that he should have charged me 19.99. He claimed that extra parts were needed which caused the bill to increase, but for the life of me, I can't understand what extra parts he would need to do a simple tire rotation."

Cedric Washington also had a problem with his bill in early August. "Yeah, I got a bill for 200.00 just for changing out an alternator! I asked him to break it down for me, and the part was only 50.00, which meant that he charged me 150.00 for labor. He said it took two hours at 75.00 an hour. Well, I just happened to walk out back to check his boneyard for a part I needed for my '86 Monte Carlo, and right there in black and white, right below the 'No Spearchucking' sign, was a posted rate of 60.00 an hour for labor! When I confronted him about this, he replied that it were an 'old' sign and that he hasn't had the time to post the new rates. Sounds mighty fishy if you ask me!"

Further inquiries revealed that Jamal Jackson, of Hearne, has a beef with Mulroney as well. "Hell yeah, I think he overcharged me! He didn't itemize anything on the bill, He just handed me the total. When I pointed out that the oil change was on special this month for 19.99, clear as day, right under the 'Jungle Bunnies For Sale - Show and Pet Quality Available' sign, he said that it didn't include 4X4's! This guy is a bait and switch artist!"

LaToya Stallworth of Kendelton regrets that she didn't scrutinize her bill until she looked at it when she got home. "As soon as I saw how much he charged me to resurface my brake rotors, I drove right back to complain. All he did was point to a sign in microscopic print, right below the 'Yard Ape Sale - Third Sunday of Every Month ' sign, that said all disputes must be taken care of before you leave the premises. That man is a crook!"

The official statement out of Sheriff Eustace Coltrane's office is that the matter is currently being looked into, and that Cletus Mulroney is cooperating fully with the investigation. When approached for comment, Coltrane minimized the complaints against Mulroney, stating that "Cletus is gettin' 'long in the tooth' and might be suffering from early dementia. Look, if you don't believe me, just go into Cletus' office and what do you see on the coffee table? That's right, a stuffed 'coon! Now, who in their right mind would pay a dime to have a thieving, lazy, no good, worthless 'coon mounted? But…his business is well respected and has been a member of the BBB since Jefferson Davis was president. So, maybe the community shouldn’t overreact. Maybe it’s the blazin’ heat. Maybe it’s that ole saddle bag wife of his. But all I know is that misery loves company, but this ‘Change’ movement is disrupting my innards."

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